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Citadel in Gozo
Citadel in Victoria in Gozo

The Old Citadel (also called the Citadella or Kastell) rises dramatically above ir-Rabat. Built at a perfect strategic vantage point, it defiantly dominates the skyline exactly as intended by the military architects who built it. A visit to the Citadel should not be missed.

Before you have fully passed under the archway into the Citadel, you will be welcomed by the majestic sight of Gozo Cathedral, across the small square at the top of a wide flight of steps guarded by two 17th-century bronze cannons.

A walk along the fortified ramparts is rewarded with a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of Gozo's hills and valleys, villages and churches and a view right across the sea to Malta.

Only a couple of families live within the Citadel walls today and some old residences lie in ruins. However, a comprehensive restoration project is planned and in the meantime the cathedral square and the area around it remain perfectly intact. In the square you will find the magnificent baroque Cathedral of Gozo dedicated to Santa Marija, or more precisely the Assumption of the Virgin Mary; as well as the Law Courts and the Bishop's Palace.

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