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About Us

About Us

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Goingozo buds from the passion of a team of travellers who, in differente times and ways, landed on the second island of the Maltese archipelago and…never left. Moreover, they decided to promote Gozo and its unique characteristics abroad: in Italy, Europe, Asia, South America… Actually, all over the world. The final result? The website you’re surfing through: a portal entirely dedicated to Gozo and what people can easily find there, discover, learn, experience, taste and do…On their own or with a group of friends, with expert guides or not, in a “villa” or in a hotel, by car, by bike, on foot…Or even swimming and climbing on the rocky coastline. Gozo is a place full of opportunities for the ones who love immerge themselves into nature or the millenarian history  of this small strip of sand and rocks in the Mediterranean Sea. The island hides the most ancient megalithic temples in the world and the cave where a slave to love Ulysses was kept by the nimph Calpyso… They can also relax and enjoy the slow Gozitan pace.

What is Goingozo: Goinzgozo is the first online consultant that intends to promote the nature and the culture of the island of Gozo, and increase the number of visitors and tourists. It’s also an innovative project aimed at developing a sinergy among all the operators who have already established themselves on the island, cultivating the good art of hospitality and welcoming (hotels, b&b, restaurants, diving centers, English schools, guides, shops, rentals, catering...) so to create a new “net” and satisfy all the travellers’ needs. In addition, Goingozo wants to respect all Gozo’s traditions and folklore, as well as its food, its “eco” vocation, its special farmhouses (the old typical country estates now converted into luxury villas with private pools and every comfort).

Goingozo is made for…Tourists and visitors in search of relaxation, nature and tranquillity, outdoor activities and a simple, old, lifestyle. Gozo is the ideal destination for families, groups of friends, couples and senior people. It is also the perfect location for hosting yoga retreats, meditation classes, photography workshops, cooking classes, dance lessons, sailing, diving, climbing…

How to use first of all, surf into the website and search the information you need. Do not hesitate to write to us and ask for more details. Book your farmhouse or your hotel room with us, choose which activity you want to practise (yoga, climbing, trekking, diving, biking…), join our workshops (yoga, cucina, fotografia, pittura, danza….), select the restaurant or the event not to be missed…Discover what’s worth doing, seeing, experiencing. What about a sunset aperitive by boat? Or a Jeep safari to the old lighthouse? Do you want to learn how to make goat's cheese? Do you prefer joining a pic-nic in a real farm or wine-tasting in a local winery?

The workshops: are you yoga-addicted? Or do you like photography, dance, cooking, painting, but you don’t want to sit down in a room or in a gym to learn? Do you want to study creative writing or learn English  laying down on your sunbed? That’s what Goingozo is for. The team has created special packages and retreats of 3.4-7 days, led by the best international teachers and masters from all over the world. See workshops to learn more…